1001 Characters

Nikolai can help you book as many acts as you need for your event, whether you are expecting a small and intimate group, or tens of thousands of people. When you invite your friends and neighbors to enjoy a special event, festive entertainers add that extra sparkle to make it spectacular. These accomplished professionals will give you what you need. Here are some of the exciting choices:

  • Img All ages

    Stilt Walkers

    In his bright colored STILT WALKER costume, Nikolai is almost ten feet tall. Although he stands high above the audience, Nikolai interacts with them one-on-one, doing magic and juggling tricks. The very bravest of the audience members can even become part of the show as Nikolai juggles while walking directly over their heads. A brightly colored JUGGLING GIANT striding through your event is something your guests will remember with joy.

  • Img Teens and adults

    Variety Comedian

    As a comedian, Nikolai is colorful, dynamic, and always surprising.. This act is one-person-circus, and he breaks down the wall between the performer and the audience. The next "volunteer" might be your friend...or your date...or maybe even you!

  • Img All ages

    Seasonal Entertainment

    In addition to all the entertainment on this page, Nikolai has a wide variety of entertainment available for the Christmas season for Halloween and other special days. Weekends in December book up quickly, so it’s best to start planning Christmas early.

  • Img Anyone who loves dinosaurs

    A Real Live Dinosaur

    Your jaw will drop in astonishment.. This roving character rides on a 17 foot tall dinosaur which is actually an elaborate part of his costume. The actor is a stiltwalker whose own legs are concealed inside the enormous costume. Take a look at a picture of Doris the Tyrannosaurus and you'll agree that this act is BIG!

  • Img All ages

    Gravity-defying Jugglers

    Your very own jesting juggler throws spins and catches an astonishing variety of objects, from clubs to rings to silk scarves. He even rides a unicycle, in an eye-catching display of the almost -impossible.

  • Img All ages


    Why stop at the almost impossible when Nikolai can defy the laws of physics? This wonder-filled display the miraculous and the absurd can be booked as strolling entertainment, as "close-up" magic, or as a festival spectacular. As stage entertainment, this act is suitable for up to 2000 people.

  • Img All ages

    Face Painters

    Kids' favorite game is make believe. The most wonderful thing about a face-painter is that she helps make imagination real. A truly professional artist with a quick and practiced hand, and a natural flair for bringing out the best in a child's imagination.

  • Img All ages

    Count Dracula

    The Count is available as master of ceremonies for almost any event. He has the manners of an aristocrat but he is also the most horrible punster undead. "I can't help it. It's in my blood!"

  • Img preschoolers through adults

    Educational Theatre

    A combination of high energy fun and a gentle but memorable message. Available scripts include shows aimed at all ages from preschoolers to adults. Subject matter includes environmental awareness, the scientific method, health education, and mathematical reasoning. All Nikolai's educational shows are fast paced fun. Look over the list of shows with a message, and find the one that suits your theme.

  • Img Ages 3 and up

    Balloon twisters

    Ever-popular favorites, Edmonton's most skilled balloon twisters create sculptures ranging from the simple to the dizzyingly complex. Ask them for anything; they're hard to stump!

  • Img All ages


    The classic red nose. The mischievous innocence. He is gentle and sweet. He is wild and crazy. Our clowns are among Alberta's most sought-after festival entertainers.. Their wild and wonderful performances are always a hit with large crowds across Canada.

  • Img Ages 6-12

    Inspector Gumshoe

    Inspector Gumshoe is part hard-boiled detective, part science investigator, and part circus clown. His show "The Mystery of the Missing Message" was originally designed as a wacky blend of entertainment and science education, but it is versatile enough to accommodate almost any educational message.

  • Img All ages

    Custom Designed Entertainment

    If your event is unusual, you may need something absolutely unique. Custom designed characters in the past have included:
    • Tin soldiers, marching in clockwork unison.
    • A mad scientist, helping "spark" new ideas.
    • Teddy Roosevelt, juggling Teddy bears!
    • Captain Garlic, the world's "strongest" super-hero.
    • Old Father Time, on New Year's Eve (of course)

    We would also be happy to help with games, prizes, music, poster designs, and every other aspect of your special event. Let Nikolai help you create a memory your guests will cherish.